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College library has a vast collection of books on various subjects and
students are expected to make extensive use of it.

Rules & Regulations of The Library
  1. Time 9 am to 4pm on all working days.
  2. Only writing materials can be taken inside the reading room and library.
  3. Each student will be issued one borrowers ticket against which books can be borrowed from the library.
  4. Books must be returned within 14 days of the date of issue, failing which, a fine of Rs. 1 per day will be charged per book.
  5. Mutiliation of book & magazine is a serious offence and the borrower will have to replace the damaged book at their cost.
  6. The loss of books should be immediately reported to the librarian and must either replace the book or compensate it as decided by the librarian.
  7. Sub lending of book is strictly forbidden.
  8. All books issued from the library shall be returned without fail on/before the last working day of the academic year.
  9. The Principal and the librarian have the right to recall any book at 24hrs. notice.
  10. SILENCE shall be strictly observed in all parts of the library.
  11. LMS with internet facility is available to Students
  12. INFLIBNET is accessible to students

Updated on: 31 Dec 2018

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