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Procedures and policies for maintenance of facilities


Mar Dionysius college management continuously strives to meet the growing needs of the institution.   The entire academic and support facilities are systematically repaired and maintained, and special care is taken to ensure proper functioning of all these. The purchase committee headed by college principal and his team takes a yearly review of the facilities and services. Problems and priorities are discussed, and solutions were immediately sought. Purchase and maintenance expenses are properly utilised as per the proper procedures.

 Local Management committee and college development committee monitors overall functioning off facilities and services. The requirements of large expenses are sent to the parent institute for approval and funding. Every year renovation of the old is done in order to cope up with the need of the time. The following things are done without fail to ensure the same: -


•Maintenance of building and other infrastructure facilities is essential, and the college finds Management and PTA funds for it.


 •The college has effective mechanism for the maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure, other facilities and equipments.


•The college has entered into an Annual Maintenance Contract with various service providers’ for lab equipments, computers and other accessories.


•College has appointed staff for cleaning and upkeep of class rooms and campus. A register is maintained for cleaning works.


•Infrastructure and other facilities are checked, maintained and repaired if necessary by expert’s in respective fields like structure, electrical, plumbing etc.


•Departments and office staff take care of the facilities provided to them.


•Students carefully use main instruments and hazardous chemicals under the supervision of the teaching or non-teaching faculty. (Lab)


 •For drinking water supply the college has installed water purifiers which are maintained by the support staff.


•Log books are maintained in laboratories, sport equipment and library.


•The heads of the concerned departments/library scrutinizes the log books to ensure correctness of entries.

Updated on: 15 Dec 2020

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