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Student’s Counselling

  • Counselling can be explained as a process of guiding a person or a group faced with a problem, in order to overcome the difficulties and be more productive.
  • Whatever the problem may be, a helpful and effective advice is the valuable source to support that person in all walks of life.
  • The advice about actions to be taken must be received from a knowledgeable and experienced person.
  • The Students’ Counseling Sub-committee of M D College helps the survivor students in solving their psychological problems so that they can perform their tasks effectively and their efficiencies may be reached the extent to which the college has expected.
  • This Sub-committee offers counseling to the survivor students by means of a specialized form of guidance (Student’s academic performance development, Social-emotional health improvement, Positive behavior support, Bullying suicide and substance abuse prevention programs, and Cope up measures).
  • Experienced teachers from the different fields used to help the individuals to learn more about themselves & their present & possible future situations to make a substantial contribution to the society.
  • In case of any sever problem, the teachers used to refer the survivors to attend any professional psychological counselor.

Smt. Dhanya A N

Updated on: 11 Apr 2020

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