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Mar Dionysius College, is an institution that is situated in a rural area and so gives immense importance to the betterment of this village and the student community hailing from this rural background.

This institution attempts to create an equal platform for the rural students so that they can stand up and boldly face the world and compete along with students from metropolitan cities and the best universities of India.

The college tries to impart a sense of democracy and equality amongst the students, teachers and the non-teaching staff as well.

The institution believes in moulding a generation that will be socially responsible, treating people with equality in terms of gender, caste and creed and this is done by creating the same atmosphere of parity in the college.

The objective of this institution is to create an ambience of higher learning and to shape better individuals with an essence of service and sacrifice who could participate in the society as responsible individuals.

We strongly believe in Education with character, Science with humanity, Pleasure without conscience and Worship with sacrifice.


In accordance with the UGC. order an Ethics Committee has been constitued in this college for banning use of mobile phones, obscene cinematic dance and fashion show in the college. Students shall not roam with their motor vehicles making nuisance in the Campus. Vehicles should be parked at respective places alotted for the purpose. 

1. Prof.Dr. Thomas Mathew (Principal, Chairman) 
2. (P.T.A. President, Vice Chairman) 
3. Staff Secretary, (Convenor) 
4. College Union Chairman (Joint Convenor) 
5. Sri. John P Abraham (Management Representative) 
6. N.S.S. Representative 
7. N.C.C. Representative 
8. Lady representative of Teachers 
9. Ward Member

Code Ethics Regulation

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Updated on: 08 Feb 2019

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