Principal’s Message

Each and every object in this expressed universe has its own innate property called "dharma" as in sanskrit. The "dharma" of an object is its innate characteristic of that object which maintains its structural solidarity. In other words structural aspect of an object is determined by its dharma. As far as dead matter or particles are concerned its dharma is nothing but its physical property. The "dharma" of a magnet is its magnetic force of attraction. It exist as a magnet as long as it has its innate property called force of attraction.

Mankind in planet earth has only one "dharma"/property. Entire human being in the world has a single functional quality, called human "dharma", which is the innate characteristic of every human being. "Dharma" of a human being is nothing but the innate characteristic of human mind, which is search or desire for infinite happiness called Joy. A human life in planet earth exist as human being as long as it had attained its "dharma". 

The aim of life is to "attain Joy".

The goal of life is "to be Joyful".

The objective of life is to "guide others to attain Joy".

The functions of life are to "identify and do the activities which give joy to life".

The mission of life is to "provide joy to others"

The vision of life is to "understand all the above"

Education must guide a student to identify oneself his/her "aim, goal, objectives, functions, and mission" so that one should have a vision about his/her life.

Even though every human being has some common factors, one and all have many specialities in their approach to life, area of Interest, working skill.  A teachers role is to help him/her to identify his/her functions of life namely area of interest, working skill and approach to life, so that he/she must be joyful in his/her future working areas.

Nowadays country's growth is determined by GDP. Teachers have a great role of changing a countries growth measurement from GDP to GHP, where GHP is Gross Happiness Index.

Prof.Dr.Thomas Mathew

Mar Dionysius College, Pazhanji
Ph. 9446131010