Rules & Regulations

The Rules and Regulations of the College are framed by the Management and the Principal to ensure a peaceful campus atmosphere.

A. Conduct and Discipline of students

  1. It shall be the bounden duty of every student to abide by the rules and regulations of the college, and to conduct himself withdiscipline and decorum in all places and under all circumstances.
  2. Every student shall attend classes regularly and punctually and shall refrain from any action that may disturb the smooth working of the college.
  3. Students shall be clean and decorous in dress, language and behaviour.
  4. Smoking, use of alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited in the college premises. Students shall not enter the college drunk.
  5. Every student shall salute the members of the teaching staff on the occasion of first meeting them within the college premises and whenever he meets them in public.
  6. When a teacher enters a class-room, the students shall rise and remain standing till they are directed to sit or the teacher takes his seat.
  7. When classes are in session, students shall not enter or leave the class rooms without the permission of the teachers concerned.
  8. Students who may be free during class-time shall not loiter on the Veranda or on the premises of the college. During such time they are to be in the Library/Reading room.
  9. Every student shall handle college property with care and shall do everything in his power to preserve cleanliness and tidiness of the furniture, building and the premises. Students shall not disfigure the walls, doors, windows, furniture etc. with bills, engraving etc.
  10. The loss or damage or disfigurement caused to the college articles will be made good by realising double the loss or damages so incurred from the concerned students or through a collective fine covering all the students.
  11. Except in the meeting of the various College Associations, no student shall address any gathering in the college premises without the special permission of the Principal.
  12. Megaphones, loudspeakers, mobile phones etc should not be used in the campus without the express permission of the Principal. Posters, flags, memorial tombs, floral arches, festoons etc. should not be displayed in the campus.
  13. Indecent behaviour towards the opposite sex, will not be tolerated.
  14. Students shall not invite or encourage outsiders to enter the campus.
  15. Demonstrations/Campaigning of any type at any time during the working days of the college is stricly prohibited within the campus.
  16. Rioting/agitating against another group of students or against members of staff/principal/management on any reason what so ever is prohibited.
  17. If a student or a group of students or the entire students have any grievance of any kind what so ever, it is to be brought to the attention of the Grievance cell.
  18. Ragging/teasing/intimidating/harassing/using words of abuse etc. on junior students especially female students with in the campus or outside is punishable/crime under Police Act, and such matters will be immediately reported to the police. Students involved in such acts will be adequately punished which amount to
    1. Imprisonment upto 2 years and
    2. A fine upto Rs. 10,000/- and
    3. Dismissal from the College

In accordance with the Govt. order an Ethics Committee has been constitued in this college for banning use of mobile phones, obscene cinematic dance and fashion show in the college. Students shall not roam with their motor vehicles making nuisance in the Campus. Vehicles should be parked at respective places alotted for the purpose.


  1. Prof.Dr. Thomas Mathew (Principal, Chairman)
  2. (P.T.A. President, Vice Chairman)
  3. Staff Secretary, (Convenor)
  4. College Union Chairman (Joint Convenor)
  5. Sri. John P Abraham (Management Representative)
  6. N.S.S. Representative
  7. N.C.C. Representative
  8. Lady representative of Teachers
  9. Ward Member
  • In all matters not specified in the forgoing rules, students shall aim at conducting themselves respecting the rights of others so as to establish and maintain good tradition and reputation of the institution.
  • The authority of the Principal extends outside the campus also.
  • Any further rules and regulations framed by the Management and the Principal from time to time shall also be binding to all.
  • Political activism is strictly banned in the campus vide judgement of the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala. Students are forbidden to organise or attend meetings other than official ones. Students resorting to strike are strictly prohibited from entering even the campus.
  • Students are not allowed to make mass petition to the Principal. Any complaint can be represented by a team of not more than three.

B. Attendance & Leave of Absence

  1. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period. Late comers shall enter classrooms only with the permission of the teacher.
  2. Students who leave class-rooms after roll call without the permission of the teacher are liable to severe punishment. Platform of service is as big as world. It is never overcrowded - Gandhiji
  3. Impersonation at roll call will be considered as serious offence.
  4. Application for leave of absence for more than 4 days due to illness should be supported by medical certificates.
  5. Students absenting themselves from the college for more than fifteen consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation will have their names removed from the roll and treated as temporary removal.
  6. A student sent out from the class by a teacher shall lose the attendance for the duration he is out.
  7. Disciplinary action including removal from the rolls will be taken against those who repeatedly absent themselves on insufficient grounds.
  8. A student requiring leave for a day or a part of a day should apply for it to the Principal or to the teacher authorised by him and get his counter signature and submit the form in the college office. Such application should be submitted on the very day of his/her return to the college.


  1. Name of the Student
  2. Class, Group & Class No.
  3. Local Address of the student.
  4. Date(s) and No. of days for which leave is required.
  5. Reasons for leave
  6. Signature of the student
  7. Recommendation by Guardian
  8. Recommendation by the Class Teacher.
  9. Principal’s Order.
  10. The responsibility of making sure that a student has earned the required minimum percentage of attendance (75% for the year) rests entirely upon the student. The University insists on a minimum of 75% attendance during the course of instruction for permitting students to take the examination. The College expects a much higher percentage of attendance than the minimum 75% required by the University. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to find out from the Dept. concerned the attendance score of their wards from time to time. Condonation and shortage of attendance is not a matter of right.Principal on recommendation of the concerned teacher-incharge of various clubs/associations may condone any shortage of attendance of any deserving student to a maximum of 20 working days. Such condonation will not be granted for more than one academic year during a course of study. No duty leave will be granted to students for College Union activities.