Mar Dionysius College is at Pazhanji- a small village with a beautiful and serene land scape, 6 kms away from Kunnamkulam municipal town and 14 kms away from the Guruvayoor railway station. The village prides itself with unique cultural tradition. read more...
Student Services include monthly attendance, mark lists and fees
Saint Pulikkottil Joseph Mar DionysiusOur patron saint H.G. Pulikkottil Joseph Dionysius I ,was born on 15th January 1742 as Ittoop, the eldest son of very traditional Christian Orthodox parents by name Mekkattukulangara Pulikkottil Paulose and Cherichi Paulose at kunnamkulam. more to read...
- To enable the youth to accept the challenges of the modern age.
- To develop the intellect. To promote scholastic pursuit aesthetic appreciation and physical abilities.
- To strengthen the spiritual and moral fibre of the human material for the individual and social development.
- To inculcate a sense of fatherhood of God Almighty and brotherhood of man.

Our motto is 'The Lord Gives Wisdom.'
Knowledge can be acquired even without understanding the omnipresence and omnipotence of God. But wisdom can be acquired only with God, who is the sole source of it.
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