We have formed a number of student clubs covering almost the entire spectrum of co-curricular activities of the college to enrich campus life and make it more rewarding to each and every member of the Mar Dionysius family.Those who wish to join any of these clubs, the teacher-in-charge will help you. 

1. Fitness Club

For promoting health related fitness club is functioning in our college.Students who are interested in practicing systematic physical fitness programmes including aerobics, calistherics, yoga, gymnastics, dance, synchronised exercise etc. may contact the Physical Education Lecturer Mr. Mathew Issac.

2. MGOCSM (Mar Gregorious Orthodox Christian Students Movement)

The Vidyarthi Prasthanam has taken deep roots in our campus.MGOCSM caters to the spiritual needs of our students.Under the auspices of this organisation, we conduct prayer meetings on all Fridays and occassional Camps, Seminars, Tours and visits to holy places etc.

3. Blood Donors Club

This is yet another unique venture of our college.The members and carrying on the work of the good samaritan by donating blood and they save precious human lives and keep the dignity of the human race.All the members of the Mar Dionysius family can join the club and express their solidarity with the suffering humanity Dr. Jiji Paul S, Dept. of Political Science is presently in-charge of the club.

4. College Choir

The College has an excellent choir which makes its presence felt by its melody on all festive occassions in the college.

5. Women's Cell

The women's forum aims at training the women community to take up positions of responsibility in the college.Skills of communication, human relationship, group work, decision making and team effort will be inculcated to identify the leadership potential among the female students.The women's forum takes up special programmes in this direction with the co-operation of women's organisations in the neighbourhood.The club conducts ocassional nature awareness programmes and studytours.

6. Quiz Club

In the context of emerging global and national concern in the fields of education, service and technology, it became imperative to attain knowledge in encapsulated form.The quiz club intends to enhance the intellectual horizon of its members.

7. Career Guidance Club

The bureau provides students an orientation to find out a suitable profession in future.Special coaching is arranged for the students to appear for public service examination and interviews.Crash courses in personality development and communicative skill are also provided.

8. Nature and Tourism Club

Nature and Tourism club in the college functions in association with the NSS unit of the college.

9. Oratory and Debating Club

The club provides opportunities to acquire ability in the art of oration and debate.

10. Entrepreneurship Development Club

During the last four decades, Kerala has attained worldwide acclaim for its achievements in the social sector, particularly in health and education system.But the performance of the industrial sector has not been keeping pace with the potential of the state.Government of Kerala has recognized this fact and has instituted bold and forward-looking measures to tap the unique strengths of the state aimed at providing a suitable stimulus for industrial growth.

The Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Kerala, in association with Education Department formulated a scheme to set up “Entrepreunership Development Clubs” in schools and colleges of the State to inculcate “Entrepreneurship Culture”, amongst youth and equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to act as torch-bearers of “Enterprise for the new generation.The Entrepreunership Development Club started its functioning in the college from 18th October 2006, with the mission ”To create wealth and employment commensurate with unlimited natural and immense human resource potential of Kerala by developing entrepreneurship in the youth."

Objectives of the Club

  1. To inculcate social virtues i.e., trustworthiness, integrity, hardwork, discipline, honesty, etc as constituents of entrepreneurship.
  2. To sensitize students on the real economic and industrial development scenario of the state.
  3. To make them aware of the unlimited development potential of the State and to inculcate entrepreneurial culture in the students.
  4. To enable them to take informed decisions to bring in successful entrepreneur and students on a common platform.
  5. To motivate members on various dimensions of industry to nurture the latent entrepreneurial talent.

Functions of the Club

  1. Organize interactive sessions with successful entrepreneurs from outside as well as within the State.
  2. Organize workshops/debates, industrial visits to business enterprises within/outside the State.
  3. Interaction with the promotional agencies.
  4. Exposure to national and international events in various parts of the country related to industrial developments.
  5. Organize Entrepreneurship Clinics and Entrepreneur Awareness Programme.
  6. To introduce talented youths to industrial research organizations.
  7. To familiarize the youths to the latest developments through media.

11. Community Extension

District Planning Council          Dr. S. Jiji Paul S

People Planning